Bring water! Bring water!

Marcel/ September 25, 2017

So this past weekend we finally got to take Osiris out for a wee spin around the bay. The idea was to head over to Guernsey for lunch but shortly after leaving the Marina we had to turn back. The problem was… being too diligent! Before setting out on a trip one must always do a few clerical inspections

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Off Our Pontoon! 

Cindy/ September 25, 2017

So this morning we finally finally had a chance to get our boat off of her pontoon! It may not have been the longest trip (it was just to give us a little taste of how to handle her) but it was such a relief to finally be moving.  We have moored at Albert Pier for the evening before

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We need hygge

TOP_admin/ September 22, 2017

As autumn approaches, riding in on the coat tails of 2017’s faint summer, Cindy and I new what had to be done…hygge-fy! Having spent two winters in the northern hemisphere now we have learnt that one thing that helps fight the winter blues is making your home as hygge as possible. With this in mind Cindy bought us some

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Butane is too dangerous…

Cindy/ August 20, 2017

When we first moved onto the boat, we were lucky enough that the previous owner had left us with enough gas in the two connected tanks to make ourselves comfortable aboard. But we soon realised this wouldn’t last and it wouldn’t be as simple as refilling the tanks. Here is our butane to propane conversion story. It couldn’t last

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These things always happen on a Sunday

Cindy/ July 3, 2017

The weather this past week has been rubbish. Typical grey misery in the United Kingdom, but something you’d expect from winter not summer. Finally yesterday it turned, and although a touch windy, we had a lovely sunny day. I was sitting with all my tools spread on the floor when a neighbour came swooshing past and all of a

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Crummy Carpet Clearout

Cindy/ June 7, 2017

From the first time Marcel and I looked at the boat, we knew that the crummy carpet would need replacing. I suspect that the installed blue carpet has been here since the boat was built 31 years ago. It is now paper thin and really quite gross. As you can see, it definitely does not fit in with our image

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We are Spick and Span!

Cindy/ June 5, 2017

This past weekend (4 June) the sun was shining, and we knew that the time had come. It was time for us to clean Osiris! It was perfect timing for me, as I had just bought a new bikini and needed to give it a test run! When we originally moved onto the boat, we found a full cupboard of

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Osiris Lite Version 2

Marcel/ June 1, 2017

I am determined to learn how to row! Once the zombies take over we don’t know if there will always be fuel around. We might need to row ashore for supplies, if there is any left! So here I am for the second time taking Osiris-Lite out. If you missed the first instalment of this disaster, you can have

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51 inches and 42 feet

Marcel/ May 30, 2017

So when you move onto a boat and you need to optimise space what is the first thing you need to move aboard? Yes, your giant TV! So here are a few snaps of the day we moved our 51″ Samsung Plasma TV onto our boat of, well, similar size. The Back Story A couple years back Cindy and i

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RYA Powerboat 2

Cindy/ May 22, 2017

So this weekend, Marcelle and I took our first steps to being capable sailors, by completing the RYA Powerboat 2 course. The purpose of this course is to teach us basic power boat handling, approaching and leaving a pontoon, rules and procedures we should be following, and a few basic safety procedures. We arranged the course through Le Mourier Swim Sea

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